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I don't harbor love or hate for computers or operating systems. Debating the merits of Microsoft versus Google versus Apple is amusing, and sometimes even necessary, but the tenor of discussion on the internet is irritating. ...

Office 365: Better than Expected

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Mark McKinney once reflected on how The Kids in the Hall fit into the shape of North American entertainment. Contextually, it also was the beginning of the cable revolution. Had we come along five years earlier, there ...

At the Right Time

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Tell your grand-kids about the great rice scare of 2012. Everyone dressed in radiation suits and attended midnight rice-burnings. The flames licked the sky. I still shake my fist at Consumer Reports, whose dark witchcraft ...

Pretty good odds on toxic rice

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The people at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal have a really good quality-to-crap ratio. Frankly, it's better than almost every other internet produced entertainment thingie. They don't let a thin budget stand in the way of ...

More Breakfast Cereal

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Life is the steady hum of responsibility and action. Some ego-bound middle manager ensures that uncontrolled thought and feelings are a kind of annotation. You know, like the notes that executives send to people trying make ...

Life has bad writing and worse editing

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After ninety-five hours, I finally finished Fallout: New Vegas. I played it the way I play every role playing game: carefully allying with as many neutral and goody-goody factions as I can. Don't make waves; only kill the ...

95 Hours in the Wasteland

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A recent Cracked article, 5 Ways We Ruined the Occupy Wall Street Generation, got passed around by my Gen-X peers. It’s a hell of a read, and another reminder that some of the most insightful pop-culture analysis comes ...

Setting the kids up to fail

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A few weeks into my Fitocracy fitness regimen, I got an achievement: I Seem to be lost. It was a reward for running 20 miles over the course of using Fitocracy. Naturally, I got slightly philosophical. Why yes, I do seem ...

Running injuries and a surprising discovery

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Protesting, picketing, agitation - all that stuff - well, it's been with us for a very long time. Though the authorities among us would prefer that we were solemn, quiet, and dignified, the truth is that solemnity doesn't do ...

Additional Perspective

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With a few exceptions, the story of my life has been one of instant gratification. Blame society, blame parents, blame myself, blame my own unique cocktail of Reasons. In the end, I'm just lazy, but in a general and common ...

Present Me; Future Me

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The universe is expanding. We know that much. But we don't know why, since the gravitational force of all these galaxies should be pulling things together. Albert Einstein used what he considered to be a cheat: the ...

Dark Energy = Cosmological Constant?

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I almost forgot it's Coming Out Day. It's the day when we celebrate tolerance, acceptance, and George Takai. I only wish he could have been the first openly gay captain in Starfleet. Anyway: Here's John Waters on the ...

Happy Coming Out Day

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