Vault Cat: Restricted Area

I got rolling on one project only to get bored and start another. This is the life of a cat. Also most humans. And since the purpose of all these videos is to experiment in Adobe Creative Cloud, it doesn’t much matter as long as I’m doing something.

May I present Restricted Area, my latest Vault Cat video and newest YouTube trailer. In the coming months I look forward to poking and prodding at After Effects and seeing what weird things I can pull off.

Vault Cat: Before the Beginning

Fallout 4 is a classic adventure. An annoying salesman coerces you into a long-term membership at the nagging of your spouse while a jet-fueled robot cares for your infant son.

While that hackneyed premise has been done to death, I’m adding something new into the mix: The Cat. You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced Fallout 4 with a heaping dose of benign neglect.

Vault Cat: Catman Begins

As a cat, I’m easily distracted. This is why, ten episodes into Card Cat, I’m starting another series: Vault Cat.

I’m a pretty big Fallout nerd, and I never got around to playing Fallout 4. Until now. And I’m getting all machinima up in this place, so I hope you like the gripping tension of a Fallout game with the aloof nature of a cat.


Any workflow can be improved by using Divvy. This software – for Windows and Mac – makes it easy to resize your many desktop windows into something approaching a grid. Hmm… this is hard to explain.

Fortunately, this fellow has a great synopsis at the 3 minute mark in this video.

There’s a free evaluation version and a proper license for $14. Frankly, it’s a steal. It’s one of my always-on applications.

Divvy Homepage


Card Cat: Any Lich Way You Can

Since the new expansion, I’ve dreaded encountering this excellent card: The Lich King.

Well, now it’s mine. Some other people can dread it, while I… don’t. Since Rogue is one of my preferred classes, I tossed it in a deck and then faced off against another Rogue. The results were pretty memorable.


He’s such a Pretty Human™ isn’t he? And he’s a darn entertaining Hearthstone player who seems immune to whatever causes salt. So consistently upbeat that I sometimes narrow my eyes. What’s his angle? Nobody’s that happy.

But then, maybe he is

BMK Gaming Homepage


Brian Kibler on YouTube


Still unknown if he is related to the elves.

Such Birds!

It’s another post for your cat. Like other of the cat toys I’ve posted, this is a must-view for your furry friend. This time, it’s birds.