Massan is a very nice Hearthstone player from South Korea. It’s quite clear that he finds a lot of joy in the game and has lower salt levels than most of the other people I’ve watched. Give him a go and see if he’s for you.

Massan on Twitch Massan on YouTube

Birds & Squirrel Fun

Enough of those CG cat toys. Here’s an intense live-action toy featuring Birds and Squirrels. I have quite a lot of fun pawing at the screen and I bet you will too.

Card Cat: Frozen-Toast Shaman

Like a sucker, I tried to make a Freeze Shaman deck work. In the video below, you can see my two best successes of the night (spoiler alert: hahahaha). Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Desktop Fences

Desktop Fences is all about keeping your desktop icons organized. It’s as easy as drawing out a few rectangle. I mostly keep things organized, but when I don’t it’s okay because Fences has automatically sorted my icons per my instructions.

Stardock’s Desktop Fences


Chris’ Tutorials has a nice, simple tour of the program that clocks in at under 4 minutes. It’s an easy way to determine whether you care about this or not, but if you have a veritable sea of icons on your desktop then you need this thing.

Tiny Subversions

Tiny Subversions is the project page of Darius Kazemi, an internet artist based in Portland, Oregon. He is a Bot Wrangler, which is a term I just invented right now.

Tiny Subversions

One of his favorite things to do is create weird twitter bots. These things create content based upon their programming. Some examples:

Back in 2014, Darius gave a talk at XOXO that’s still relevant today. If you are a creator and are confounded by what works and what doesn’t, you could do worse than to watch this amusing talk.

Card Cat: Sick Cat and Jade Rogue

PAX West 2017 is over and it was a blast. Although there is the small matter of getting sick afterward. Like, really sick. With many ickies and boxes of tissues. I’ll spare you the details.

Here’s the video I created in my medicated haze.

Look Around You

This show is so bizarre. I love it. It’s thoroughly British, utterly dry and lodged in an unreal eighties lens. An uncritical mind could easily take it as authentic lunacy.

For instance, the following video you’ll learn quite a lot (ie: nothing) about calcium.

The episodes are floating around all over YouTube. And while the homepage is basically an archive, it’s a trove of resources and excellent turn of the century interweb page design.

Look Around You


Some of the most powerful video essays emerge from the team over at The Nerdwriter. There’s a vibrant love of art and culture present in all their videos. As will be evident in the following video, there’s a love of meta-level questions.

Don’t feel bad if you get lost in the channel. It’s not wasted time.

The Nerdwriter on YouTube

PAX West 2017: Day 4

No gaming video this week because I’m preoccupied with PAX. But it’s the last day, so here’s this personalized message to all the people I met:

PAX West 2017: Day 3

Every day of PAX there are a fair number of people for whom that will be their only day. Day 3 is a good day to remember that, since my energy level is a bit lower.

PAX West comes only once per year, though, so I can reach into my energy stores.


PAX: 5 Things You Must Do